Combi Jetting and Vacuum truck is used for removing sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or drain lines by the flushing action of high pressure water. The unit includes a positive displacement vacuum pump and a high pressure water pump. Combination jet/vac machine is equipped with self-contained water supply as the water source for the high-pressure pump and a cylindrical debris tank for collecting all materials coming from the sewer system . Combination unit is able to perform simultaneous high pressure flushing of sewer pipe and removal of liquids and solids from the sewer manhole.

Technical Specifications

Tank Volume

up to 20.000 liters

Suction Boom System (Optional)

180°-360° rotating (3”-6”)

Vacuum Capacity

up to 17.000 m³/h

Capacity of High Pressure Water Pump

153 – 600 lt/m @130 – 500 bars

Main Hose Reel

90 – 180° rotating, 80-180 meters

Jeeting Hose Reel

Ø ½”, With jetgun, 20-120 meters

Other Options

Septic Cover Lifting Winch

Remote Control System