Recycling units can operate continuously for a long time, without any water supply, and clean sewer lines with reduced water flow. The system, they are equipped with, allows them to mass the sludge and transport solid material containing small percentages of water. The system is self cleaning. The equipment can work anytime and automatically as a standard COMBI.     
Recycling System: Dirty water is pump by the roll round pump, throght the 1st filter, which seperates bigger particles, to the 2nd cyclone filter, where the dirty water is cleaned. Contaminated water and its particles, is led back to the sludge chamber, at the exit side of the dirty water. There will be also a activating valve can maintains the constant pressure in the 2nd cyclone filter. At the end, cleaned water is transported to the clean water chamber for jetting purposes. The filtering is effected by rotating slot screen drum. A scraper system keeps the drum free of clogging. 
Technical Details  
Tank Structure   up to 20.000 lt 
Jetting Pump   up to 400 bars, 400 lpm
Vacuum Pump Type   Rotary Vane, Blower, Centrifuge Fan or Liquid Ring
Vacuum Capacity   up to 17.000 m³/h free air 
Filtration   ATEX, steel or cartridge bags for dry suction
Pump Drive   PTO or Hydraulic
Hydraulic Hose Reel   Fixed or Rotating, with speed adjutment, up to 200m hose
Auxiliary Hose Reel   Manual or hydraulic , up to 120m hose
Operation   Control panel, automation, radio remote control, touchscreen
Suction Boom   Arm boom or Mobile Arm Reel - up to 20m hose capacity
Winter Protection   Optional
Water Heating   Optional - up to 60°C
Storage Reel   Optional - hydraulic driven - 24m hose capacity
Sound Isolating   Optional - isolated pump cabin